NSE's unlisted share price

NSE Crosses 9 Crore Unique Investors Mark

Your search for information about the landmark of NSE crossing nine crore unique investors mark ends here. NSE revolutionised investing in stocks in India for the past three decades to make it safe, quick, and easy. Its business has surpassed the nearly 150-year-old BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange. NSE of the National Stock Exchange was the first to use digitalisation to transform from paper trading to digital as early as 1992 to change how Indians invested in stock markets. Hence, in the last 32 years, its investor base saw a continuous rise to now cross a record nine crores and soon to be over ten crores. It is also rising NSE’s unlisted share price over Rs. 1,000 to trade around Rs. 5,000 from 3,600 in the past three months, from December 14, 2023, to March 13, 2024.

Continue reading this blog until the end to learn all about NSE being the most favourable exchange for not only Indian investors but also investors worldwide to buy and sell shares, as well as availing many of its financial, depository, and other services to increase its net profit and unlisted share price. 

Why is NSE a favourable exchange for investors?

Until the NSE existed in 1992, investing was a tedious process for people and stock brokers. After receiving the buy or sell orders from the investors, stock brokers will shout the names of the stocks on the trading floor of the many exchanges. Apart from BSE, the oldest and biggest exchange, there were many regional exchanges, like the Madras Stock Exchange, Calcutta Stock Exchange, and others. Once they sell or buy the stocks from other brokers using paper slips. There is a lengthy process of recording them in ledgers and delivering physical stocks. Also, there were no more physical shares, only digital shares, to be in the demat or dematerialised form in the depositaries. However, with NSE, all of it changes to place the orders directly into the computers and digitalise the entire accounting and delivery process to make it easy, safe, and quick. This is why investing in stocks increased in India, and several investors registered with NSE crossed 9,000 in the last 32 years. 

How will the investors registered with NSE cross-raise their unlisted share price?

NSE is the most popular exchange for investors and over 5,300 companies to list and get traded to have a market capitalisation of 4.6 trillion dollars or 366 trillion rupees. However, NSE’s listing in the exchanges is getting delayed as NSE is still waiting for approval from SEBI to come out with an IPO. However, experts confirm that with the increasing trust of investors to cross 9,000 crore and with hi-tech infrastructure to avoid any glitches, the IPO will soon come. Hence, it is positive news that unlisted NSE share prices will shoot up more. 

The above facts will end your search for information about NSE pre-IPO, crossing 9,000 crores of unique investors’ mark to invest in its unlisted share price through a reputed online platform for yielding windfall profits.


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