Maharashtrian bridal jewellery, mangalsutra design, traditional gold earrings

Dive Into The World Of Captivating Maharashtrian Jewellery

Every Marathi mulgi wants everything to be perfect on her special day, including her jewellery and attire. Like a Paithani saree, the traditional gold jewellery of Maharashtra showcases the rich culture and royalty. The bride looks stunning in her Paithani saree, Chandrakor bindi, and traditional Maharashtrian jewellery. The intricate jewelry designs of Maharashtra showcase the royal charm of Peshwas and Maratha warriors.

Many brides, even non-Maharashtrians, love the classic look of Maharashtrian women and wear the traditional gold jewellery of this state on their special occasions. But, for non-Maharashtrians, it is difficult to choose the correct jewellery on their wedding day to get the complete look of Marathi mulgi and slay in style.

To help them, we have made a curated list of Maharashtrian jewellery for newbies so they can rock the royal Marathi mulgi look on their special day.

Let’s begin with the top 10 Maharashtrian Jewellery designs:

1.  Nath

A Maharashtrian traditional nose ring, called nath, is gaining popularity among many celebrities. It is a crescent-shaped nose ring carved with white and pink color stones, usually made with 22-karat gold. It is the most important piece of Maharashtrian jewellery that a Marathi woman must wear on every special occasion.

2.  Thushi

It is a choker-styled gold necklace set woven with gold beads tied together to form a layer of strings. It has adjustable ties at the back for adjustments so that the newlywed can wear it, even after years of marriage.

3.  Kolhapuri Saaj

It is the most uniquely designed and special necklace, gifted by the groom to his bride on her special occasion. The necklace originated in Kolhapur and has 21 leaves carved in 22-karat gold. It is like the mangalsutra design gold that protects the couple from evil eyes.

4.  Laxmi Haar

A Laxmi haar, also known as putali haar, is a necklace made of round coins embellished with Goddess Laxmi. The coins are braided together on silk thread and indicate wealth.

5.  Bugadi

The most unique earrings are worn on the helix part of the ears. These are designed with pearls and available in various modern and traditional designs at top jewelers in Maharashtra, including Waman Hari Pethe Sons.

6.  Tode

These are 23-karat gold kadas or bangles with intricate designs. They are mostly handcrafted by craftsmen with years of experience and great precision.

7.  Chooda

The green bangles, called chooda, are the representation of the newlywed Maharashtrian bride and symbolize fertility and prosperity. These are the green-colored glass bangles that the bride wears in odd numbers on both hands and takes off only after all the marriage rituals are completed.

8.  Gold Mangalsutra

The Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra contains black and gold beads with a vatimani pendant that symbolizes Shiva and Shakti. It keeps the couple away from evil eyes and showcases their eternal love for a lifetime.

9.  Ambada

It is a hair accessory, also known as Veni Phool, popularly designed with sunflower and jowar seeds and placed over the hair bun.